Faisal’s injury resulting from the acid burn suffered by Selangor FC star player Faisal Halim has not fully healed since he was discharged from the hospital on May 25.

The latest update was shared by Selangor FC’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Johan Kamal Hamidon, who confirmed that Faisal’s wound is still wet and appears yellowish, resembling pus.

However, he mentioned that the healing process for the winger is progressing well but requires time before he can return to the field.

"The wound is still not dry. When I visited him last week, it was still wet.

“It appears yellowish, like pus, but the wound is still visible. Once it dries, the skin will peel off, but for now, it’s still wet,” he said.

Johan also informed that Faisal needs to make regular visits to the hospital every four days for wound cleaning and health check-ups.

"During these two to three weeks, our focus is on healing the wound because as long as it’s not dry, he cannot engage in strenuous activities.

“For now, he is undergoing light physiotherapy without sweating, ensuring that his muscles move. That’s our focus for the next two to three weeks,” he added.

Previously, Faisal suffered a fourth-degree burn after being splashed with acid by an unidentified individual at a shopping center in Petaling Jaya on May 5.

- Sinar Harian