The final Friday has been and gone at Tokyo 2020...

That means we are onto the final bend ahead of the weekend.

For Stats Perform's man in Tokyo, that meant a penultimate visit to the Olympic Stadium where hilarity so very nearly ensued.

Read on to hear about that and more in the latest version of our Daily Diary.


So today marked my penultimate trip to the Olympic Stadium.

With the evening session starting a little later, just after 8pm local time, I afforded myself a little R&R time in the morning and headed to the transport mall a little later than normal.

After about 30 minutes of no bus turning up (they're usually around every 10 mins to the Olympic Stadium) I wondered what was happening...

So, I sought help from the kind lady nearby, who pointed at a huge sign (and I mean the kind of sign you can hardly miss) that said all buses to the stadium are suspended until 4pm...oops.


On Saturday, Galal Yafai is aiming to bring home hold for Great Britain when he faces off against Carlo Paalam in the men's flyweight final at the Kokugikan Arena.

It's a scenario quite far removed from working at a Jaguar Land Rover plant, a job he gave up to focus on Olympic glory.

"I was doing the rubbish, picking up boxes, delivering parts. Just a skivvy job really," he said.

"I hated working there, I'm not going to lie. I'd wanted to be a boxer for years, as I hate being told what to do. Now I'm my own boss and hopefully I can be the Olympic champion."

It'll be interesting to see who is in the driving seat in that contest…


I have something to admit - I find people falling over really funny.

Let me elaborate a little. Providing said person is okay after falling over I find it funny, that is crucial to the whole experience.

Which is why when I was leaving the Olympic Stadium this evening, the sight of a fellow reporter deciding to climb inside the huge Olympic rings on the concourse and so very, very nearly completely stacking it out of them really tickled me.

It might be time for me to go home.


Remember how earlier this week we spoke about Tom Daley and his knitting prowess while watching the diving at Tokyo 2020?

Well, now we've seen the results and boy is it impressive!

Daley showed off the results on the Instagram page madewithlovebytomdaley – a fetching Team GB cardigan.

The items being made are being put into a raffle with the proceeds going towards the Brain Tumour Charity.

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