Sweden midfielder Kristoffer Olsson has made “significant” progress since being diagnosed with a rare brain condition earlier this year.

The player’s club, Midtjylland, have revealed that he has regained “both motor function and his verbal abilities” as he continues his rehabilitation after being found unconscious at his home on February 20.

A statement on the Danish club’s website on Sunday read: “As the public has already been informed, FC Midtjylland’s Swedish international, 28-year-old Kristoffer Olsson, was phased out of ventilators at Aarhus University Hospital just over a month ago and transferred to Hammel Neurocenter, where he began his rehabilitation after he lost consciousness in his home on February 20.

“Here, Kristoffer has regained both motor function and his verbal abilities. His physical progress is significant, and he is now actively training his gait function and is able to eat independently.

“Although cognitive challenges remain and the prognosis for his full recovery remains uncertain, the specialists at the treatment centre are encouraged by the positive steps Kristoffer has taken.

“He continues his rehabilitation at Hammel Neurocenter, where he receives the targeted treatment and support he needs.”

Tests revealed that Olsson, who had a spell at Arsenal as a youth player, had a series of small blood clots on both sides of his brain, the result of “an extremely rare inflammatory condition in the vessels of the brain”.

Midtjylland chief executive Claus Steinlein said: “It is breathtaking to witness Kristoffer’s battle with the disease. His positive attitude, fighting spirit and tireless will to win are an inspiration to us all.”