Despite frequently making the news due to her looks, Malaysian mixed doubles specialist Goh Liu Ying said she did not feel objectified and intended to use it to promote badminton.

Goh often attracted interest from various media publications, both local and international, for her postings on social media, with all the attention focusing almost completely on her physical features.

来到了#RMCO,街道上开始拥挤,商场开始活动。 除了在受伤期间之外,第一次离开场地场地那么长时间。 . 第一次,一个月车不用加油; 第一次,两个月都不碰球拍; 第一次,听到了奥运延迟; 第一次,各种比赛取消; 第一次.......... . 这三个月,体验到了,退役的生活,哈哈,往好的方面想,给了自己足够的心理准备。 安排好的计划被打乱,思绪还没整理清楚,等着全世界的应策,等着世界羽联的决策,考虑着打下去的可能性。 因为疫情的关系,每个人开始从线下转线上,就连junior也在直播间销售,有卖海鲜的,有卖水果的,还有卖燕窝的。渐渐的大家都明白,这段时期是一个非常大的转变。 明白了,梦想不能当饭吃; 明白了,一定要有存款; 明白了,是时候开始转线上。。。 . . 如果你说,这段时间呆在国家队的话那我就不用去烦恼额外资金,甚至还能有工资,我们专心打球就好。现阶段来说是完全没错,但现实生活中你总有退出国家队的一天,总有要面对生活的一天,运动就是永远讲究成绩,也不会因为你曾经是世界第一就养你一辈子,你的荣耀或许只是你人生中的三分之一。 站在国家角度,我们应该专注在自己的专项,这个理解没错;站在球员角度,我们也应该明白,运动或许不能当饭吃,当你退下来的一天,你就应该为自己生活负责任。 运动生涯,都是用时间倒数…. . 相信每个人在疫情期间应该思考了很多未来的路,那你是否,已经有答案了呢?

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However, the Malacca-born insisted she had no problem with it.

"I don’t mind it actually. It’s good if you are good-looking and also a good player. It’s not wrong to have both, right?" she told Stadium Astro with a laugh.

"I have my results to show for it, so it's fine. Plus, it also gives the media something new to talk about! But in all honesty, I think it’s good that badminton has good-looking women.

"It’s a chance to attract sponsors not just personally, but also for the sport."

With almost a million followers on her social media network, Goh is the second-most followed Malaysian shuttler behind Lee Chong Wei.

Partly due to that, the 2016 Olympic silver medalist is also the face of many brands, including apparel giants Li-Ning, air-cond manufacturer Daikin and yogurt beverage Yobick, among others.

As an independent shuttler, the poster girl of badminton said all these endorsements played a pivotal financial role in her career.

"It’s good for athletes to cross fields sometimes and play the role of ambassadors. We need these sponsorships to help us fund our competitions.

"As for my social media platforms, it’s a chance to share my lifestyle with my fans," she said.

. Happy Olympic Day ??⚫️??. ??. . . Dah 3 Bulan tak main badminton,smash sudah tak elok pula??. . . 三个月没打球,杀球是什么感觉???. . . #happyolympicday #gohliuying

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Putting those aside, Goh also expressed her delight to be able to train again after a three-month layoff due to the coronavirus.

"My stamina and strength have dropped because of the long break. It was quite challenging to maintain our fitness due to lockdown, so that is the main area I will be working on, now that we are allowed to return to training," she added.

The world number seven recently said she was still apprehensive about competitive action returning in September and may consider skipping a few tournaments this year due to the lingering threat of the pandemic.

This year, Goh and partner Chan Peng Soon posted their best result at the Malaysia Masters by reaching the semi-finals.