The Premier League has launched the Fan Engagement Standard (FES) to encourage "long-term meaningful" discourse with supporters.

The announcement follows Premier League clubs' initial endorsements of the plans at the division's June 2022 AGM.

It aims to act as a framework within which clubs can tailor their own unique approaches to fan engagement, with themes including accessibility, collaboration, and communication.

Clubs are due to announce their own work in light of the FES in the coming days, and all clubs will publish a Fan Engagement Plan ahead of the 2023-34 season.

Premier League chief executive, Richard Masters, said: "Supporters have always been the lifeblood of football, and Premier League fans are known around the world for their passion and enthusiasm.

"Clubs already carry out a great deal of work in this area, and the Standard is the next step in enhancing these collective efforts.

"It is vital we ensure the voices of supporters are not only heard in the stands, but also when it comes to having a say on key issues relating to their clubs. The Standard puts structures in place to establish consistency across the league and improve transparency."

The Premier League said it will oversee clubs' compliance with the FES and aim to promote good practice between club staff and fan representatives, with supporters encouraged to involve themselves in any ways made possible.

A method of assessment will also be developed during the remainder of this season by the league and selected clubs, theoretically to help determine how teams will report on the FES and how to make "recommendations for improvement".