Barnsley manager Neill Collins praised the role of his substitutes in finally seeing off Exeter as the Tykes made it five away wins in a row with a 1-0 win at St James Park.

In a tight game that could easily have gone either way, the Tykes won it in the 89th minute when Owen Dodgson came off the bench to cross for fellow sub John McAtee to stoop at the near post and head home the only goal of the game.

“I am obviously delighted with the win, I try not to be dictated to by results too much, otherwise it would drive you insane,” Collins said.

“We would have taken a point in the end, it was a very tough game, but I thought we played really well in the first half and just lacked a bit of quality at times – and I am sure Gary (Caldwell) will feel the same.

“There was not a lot in it and we probably created a few better moments, but I think they started the second half better than us. Once it got to about 60-65 minutes, we were the team that looked most like winning it.

“We created a few opportunities and had more possession. It could have gone either way, but the lads put in a very professional performance to win the game for us.

“There is no question that we had quality and fresh legs on the bench and we were able to make those changes but, when you make changes and you stick them on, you want them to do the job and they certainly did that.”

Exeter manager Gary Caldwell criticised his players for not being brave enough in and around the penalty box, although they deserved more having seen Demetri Mitchell twice strike the woodwork.

“I thought we played well and were the better team, but you have to score goals,” he said.

“I said at half-time we can’t play with the handbrake on, like we were in the first half. I thought we were safe and there were too many actions where we don’t commit to passes, or don’t force it through lines with bravery.

“I said I will back my players 100 per cent if they give the ball away by playing with bravery and on the front foot, but when we go tippy-tappy and safe, then I can’t get behind the players at that point.

“We need more bravery in those actions to play forward and be aggressive in our play because that will ultimately create more chances and I thought we got a bit better second half, we created chances and hit the post twice, but it’s still not enough.

“We then committed the cardinal sin and gifted them a goal – I don’t think they did anything special to score and they were waiting on us giving them a goal and we did that.”