Luton chief executive Gary Sweet lauded the “heroic” medical staff who saved Tom Lockyer’s life following his cardiac arrest.

Lockyer’s heart stopped during Luton’s Premier League clash with Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium last week.

The Hatters skipper is recovering after being discharged from hospital where he was fitted with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator.

And Luton CEO Sweet applauded those who resuscitated Lockyer within two minutes of him collapsing.

“It took two minutes from the point of going down to be resuscitated,” Sweet said.

“It’s impressive, the actions of those protocols which ultimately saved him.

“They are all heroes, the Luton medical team, the Bournemouth medical team, the doctors and the paramedics were all exemplary. We cannot thank them enough.

“Absolutely (there is more to life than football). Immediately when it happened we did not care about the game, it was not on our minds. It was all about his recovery.”

Lockyer has started a period of recovery and is expected not to feature for Luton in the coming weeks and months and Sweet admitted the issue has been challenging to deal with and has been a learning experience for the club.

He added: “We’ve never done this before. It’s all learning for us. It’s thrown so many challenges our way and it’s been one very big challenge this week. This has all been about team spirit and gathering around Tom.

“The fact he was being taken home by people we know and was in safe hands gave us a sense of relief.”

The match between Luton and Bournemouth was abandoned following Lockyer’s collapse but Hatters full-back Alfie Doughty will still have a yellow card on his record after being cautioned on the day.

Rob Edwards questioned that decision ahead of Luton’s meeting with Newcastle.

He said: “For some reason, Doughty’s booking still counts.

“It’s like the game didn’t happen, but Alfie’s booking still counts. It’s a strange one. It will be nice if I can get an answer on it or if it can get changed.”