In the first ONE Super Series contest of ONE: PINNACLE OF POWER, Japan’s Yukinori Ogasawara met Portugal’s Rui Botelho, and showcased the beauty and power of the striking arts.

Botelho appeared to be in the ascendancy in the Muay Thai bout until a picture-perfect spinning back elbow scored a for Ogasawara. 

The spectacular technique gave him the finish at 2:54 of the second round, earning him the win in Macau’s Studio City Event Center on 23 June.

Despite having a significant reach disadvantage, it was the Portuguese Nak Muay who controlled the action, closing the distance with hard combinations, and landing knees in the clinch. 

Ogasawara could not stop Botelho’s forward momentum, and many of his kicks missed their mark.

Round two progressed in a similar fashion, as the WKA European Champion repeatedly scored with his overhand right to the head and left hook to the body.

However, as he gained more confidence with his combinations, he left himself open to a counter attack. 

Under pressure from his opponent, Ogasawara turned and let rip with a spinning back elbow that put his opponent down.

Though Botelho got back to his feet, the referee had seen enough and waved the bout off, ruling a win for Ogasawara by KO with just six seconds left in the round.

It was a moment of wizardry from the Japanese martial artist, who picked up a second-round knockout in his ONE Championship debut, and showed why you can never underestimate your opponent in a martial arts contest.

He improved his record to 15-4-4, while Botelho’s fell to 17-7-2.