LeBron James revealed after Friday's Game 4 loss to the Warriors that he had been playing with a broken right hand, which he injured following the Cavaliers' heartbreaking Game 1 overtime loss.

James said his emotions got the best of him as he punched a whiteboard in the locker room and called the injury "self-inflicted." But why did the four-time MVP want to keep it a secret as he finished out the series playing with a broken hand? 

During an appearance on "SportsCenter" on Saturday, ESPN's Dave McMenamin broke down the two reasons as to why the Cavaliers star might have wanted to keep his injury quiet. 

According to McMenamin: 

"It's kind of two pronged. One, there's the concern of how the Golden State Warriors would have defended him. Would they have tried to constantly strip at the ball and perhaps aggravate that right hand injury if they had the knowledge he was dealing with that?

"And then beyond that, LeBron James played all 82 games of the regular season for the first time in his 15-year career. Injuries were never an excuse. LeBron James has never missed a playoff game because of an injury and had that information gotten out there, perhaps some people would've latched on to it as a suggestion that 'Oh LeBron's already giving himself an out.' They only lost Game 1, but he's setting up some soft landing by getting the information out there that, 'Hey I'm playing hurt.' So he certainly had his motivation to keep it quiet until the series was over."

If James had revealed his injury to the media earlier, there certainly would have been a lot more buzz and speculation during the series, rather than after.