David Warner has "no interest" in seeing Test matches reduced to four days as the ICC prepares to trial the idea in South Africa.

Under new proposals outlined by cricket's governing body the shortened Test will be piloted until 2019, with the Proteas' clash with Zimbabwe in December the first of its kind.

The idea is seen as a potential solution to speed up the longest format of the game, while making it more accessible to old and new fans alike.

Cricket Australia recently expressed its support for the experiment, however Warner is not a fan and remains a traditionalist.

"I have no interest in four-day cricket," Warner told cricket.com.au.

"You have so many variables in Test match cricket – you've got weather, some games might be only getting three days but it just takes one day to have that weather come in and it can ruin it.

"Then on the flipside, it's a Test.

"It's the longevity, being out there on your legs, it's grit, determination, those things come to my mind to actually want to keep playing five-day cricket.

"Like a timeless Test, it's basically survival of the fittest."

Australia skipper Steve Smith is also a fan of the five-day format and believes the change would take away an exciting stage of the game.

"Personally, I like five [days] so I would like to keep it at five," Smith said.

"Just the traditional way that Test cricket has been played, I think it's great when you get into that fifth day and enter that last hour, I think it's a really cool part of the game."