Vince McMahon is prepared to spend big on the rebooted XFL football league.

McMahon is expected to spend nearly $500 million over the first three years of the league, according to ESPN. That number is significantly higher than it was originally believed to be.

Although he's known for the WWE, McMahon has taken the XFL reboot seriously, selling approximately $100 million in WWE stock to begin funding the league through his Alpha Entertainment.

XFL CEO and commissioner Oliver Luck told ESPN, "People were focused on the $100 million, but the truth is that doesn't even get us to the 20-yard line."

Luck said the biggest expense of the league will be player and coaches salaries, with the average salary of the 40-man rosters expected to be around $75,000. Higher demand players will be able to make much more.

During the XFL's first run years ago, players salaries hovered around $45,000 for a 10-week schedule.

The XFL is scheduled to kick off in February 2020.