UCLA coach Steve Alford says it's "ludicrous" to claim all NCAA basketball players are being paid.

Lonzo Ball, who played for UCLA last season before leaving after his freshman year for the NBA, said Friday that college players should be paid, because "Everybody knows everybody’s getting paid and that’s how it is. Everybody’s getting paid anyway. You might as well make it legal. That’s how I feel."

Alford addressed the issue Sunday following UCLA's loss to Colorado, quickly diving into the subject after a reporter mentioned Ball's quotes.

"I mean, that's ludicrous," Alford said (via the Los Angeles Times). "I mean, that's all I've got to say on that. I mean, that's crazy. Not everybody's getting paid."

Ball also told reporters he didn't want to be paid while at UCLA because his father, LaVar Ball, was more interested in building the family's Big Baller Brand.

More than two-dozen NCAA men's basketball programs were either mentioned in Yahoo Sports' report last week on recruiting corruption, or were previously identified in the FBI probe last September. No current or former UCLA players or coaches were identified.

Alford, in his fifth season at UCLA, said he's not worried about any improper conduct being uncovered in his program.

"When it comes to that, I always sleep well," Alford said. "I know how we do things. I know how our staff operates, I know how I operate, so that's never an issue when I go to bed."