Remember when LaVar Ball said if you can't afford to buy the Big Baller Brand's ZO2: Prime you weren't a big baller? Well either ballers don't like the shoes or there are less big ballers in the world than Ball initially thought.

While Saturday morning rumors circulated that some 5,000 pairs of the ZO2 had sold within the limited new availability of Lonzo Ball's signature sneaker, thanks to some in-depth reporting by Nice Kicks, that does not appear to be the case.

Nice Kicks actually purchased a pair of the Lonzo Ball ZO2: Prime and tracked transaction numbers. Nice Kicks reported the likely total of shoes sold for the Big Baller Brand is more likely around 300 rather than 5,000.

While those 300 shoes would still gross nearly $150,000, it has to a disappointing sales number for LaVar Ball, who thinks his son will be the NBA's next great player.