Rohit Sharma blasted questioning over India's ability to find significant reverse swing as he looked ahead to Thursday's T20 World Cup semi-final against England.

India captain Rohit hit back at former Pakistan skipper Inzamam-ul-Haq after questioning how Rahul Dravid's side found swing in their Super 8s meeting with Australia.

Inzamam had referenced Arshdeep Singh's ability to move the white ball in the 15th over against Australia, suggesting "some serious work was done on the ball".

Speaking at Wednesday's pre-match press conference, Rohit responded: "Wickets are so dry, all teams are getting reverse [swing].

"[You] need to open your mind sometimes. This is not Australia."

After launching a staunch defence of his India team-mates, Rohit urged his side to play the team and not the situation against England.

England thrashed India by 10 wickets in the 2022 World Cup semi-finals of the same competition the last time this pair met.

"We want to treat this as a normal game," Rohit added. "We don't want to be talking about that it is a semi-final.

"We are enjoying each other's company and we need to carry on. It is a knockout game. If you think too much [about it], it doesn't help.

"Honestly not a lot has changed since 2022. We have tried to play with a free mind, T20 and ODIs as well. It all depends on the conditions which have been challenging throughout the tournament here.

"We want to be a smart cricket team. I have kept things simple personally and for the players as well. We have done well with role clarity and rely on the players making good decisions on the field.

"Everyone knows they need to get the job done. We don't need to change from 2022 to 2024."

As for India's line-up, and the potential of fielding four spin bowlers, Rohit insists the pitch will dictate selection matters.

"We will see, assess the conditions and then take a call on four spinners," he continued. "We will see."

Regardless of that decision, Rohit urged his side to keep their cool when it matters.

"It is important to stay cool and calm," the opening batter said. "Staying calm has worked for me over the years. Sometimes you can lose your cool as well.

"I am happy to let you do what you want but if it is at the cost of the team then I wo'’t let it happen. Indian cricket teams are always under pressure. Most of the guys are used to it."