It appears Richard Jefferson has had enough of all the LeBron James free agency talk. 

The two were teammates in Cleveland from 2015-17 and even won a championship in 2016, but Jefferson had a pretty hilarious "announcement" to make about their friendship. 

Jefferson, who currently plays for the Nuggets, wrote on his Snapchat story that he wants to end his friendship with James. Why? Because he doesn't want to answer questions anymore about James' future. 

"It is with great remorse that I am writing this. After many years as a peer and many years as friend and teammate I have decided to end my friendship with LeBron James," Jefferson wrote, via ESPN. "I am saying this publicly so that the fans and media members can please stop asking me where he is going in free agency. I don't know. My family doesn't know and neither do my kids …" 

He went on to take a few jabs at both James and former teammate Channing Frye.

"Truth be told I never liked the guy. He works too hard it makes the rest of us look bad," Jefferson added. "He’s my son’s favorite player and I view that as a complete betrayal of how hard I’ve worked to put a roof over his head."

“I wish everyone the best of luck in free agency … Teams and Players. Oh and (bird-finger emoji) to Channing Frye also … just because!”

While it appears Jefferson was joking, James has until the end of the week to tell the Cavaliers whether he will opt into the final year of his contract or become an unrestricted free agent.