Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr compared Amari Cooper to Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James.

Carr and Cooper got back on track with a win over the Kansas City Chiefs, snapping a four-game losing streak for the Raiders.

Carr compared Cooper to another athlete, Cavaliers star James, because they both display incredible versatility.

"[James] was talking about how he played point guard this past game, and you take a guy that's super smart that can go from playing the three and then go to play the one, and he can go play the five," Carr said, via ESPN.com. "He knows all the sets. He knows all the plays.

"Amari's the same kind, mentally. He's the same kind of guy, where he can go play X, F, he can play the Y [wide receiver positions] he can play the Z. He can play H."

Cooper, 23, mainly lines up on the outside, where he can use his huge frame to body up smaller defensive backs. He attributed his versatility to his deep understanding of Oakland's route tree.

"That's very important because you have to have that spatial awareness," Cooper said. "If you only know your route, then you don't really have that awareness. If you know the guy's route next to you, then you know how much space you really have to work with."

Cooper caught 11 passes for 210 yards and a touchdown in last week's win. Oakland head cross country to Buffalo this week to play the Bills, who are just a half-game behind the New England Patriots in the AFC East.