Mothers can be the greatest source of unconditional love and a symbol of strength.

With that, many ONE Championship superstars have made it to the global stage of martial arts because of the love and support they receive from their mothers.

In celebration of this past Mother’s Day, here are some of ONE’s Singapore athletes paying tribute to their moms.

Amir Khan

Singapore’s own Amir Khan appreciates how his mother raised him and credits her with making him the man he is today.

“Her hard work is the number one thing that impacted my life,” Khan said. “She influenced me to be as hardworking as I am.”

“There are very few people I know that are as hardworking as her, and I feel that’s a good trait I got from her.”

Anyone who has witnessed Khan in the Circle knows just how hard he works. In fact, he has made his way into the ONE record books and now shares first place for the most knockouts in The Home Of Martial Arts.

Despite his hard-hitting skills, he still holds a soft spot for the woman who raised him.

“I would like to congratulate her for being such a wonderful mom,” he continued. “I appreciate all her sacrifice and hard work for the family and I love her very much!”

Aleksi Toivonen

Aleksi “The Giant” Toivonen might be a long way from his native Finland, but his love for his mother knows no boundaries.

The Finn, who moved to Singapore to join the prestigious Evolve Fight Team in early 2019, has fond memories of his mother while growing up in Lahti, Finland.

“She has been guiding me through all phases of my life, supporting, loving, and accepting the direction and decisions I’ve made for myself,” Toivonen said.

As a token of his love and appreciation, “The Giant” arranged a special surprise for his mother. But do not expect to find out what it is – that stays between him and the lady who has always supported his martial arts journey.

“Happy Mother’s Day to the world’s best mom. Hope my little gift finds its way to you,” he said. “Always remember, even if there is half a world between us, you are always on my mind!”

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