The Lakers won big Tuesday night during the NBA Draft Lottery as they will now have the second selection in the draft. Most expect that pick to be Lonzo Ball, who the Lakers are reportedly "enamored" with. But of course if Ball goes to L.A. it creates a point guard logjam.

D'Angelo Russell was the team's No. 2 pick just two years ago, and while he's shown some promise, there isn't much room for him and Ball. Both players have a similar style, and it'd be a big adjustment to make them differently. Other teams know this, and it's why they've reached out to the Lakers to create a package for Russell.

Another piece that could be involved in a trade with the Lakers is their No. 28 pick in the first round. Russell paired with a first-round pick could bring in a pretty talented player to pair with Ball and the rest of the talent in Los Angeles.

It is worth noting, though, that this report from Sports Illustrated is one-sided, meaning teams are reaching out to create their own package. The report doesn't say the Lakers are interested in moving Russell. The team could try to make either him or Ball an off-ball shooter rather than make a trade.