Despite reports that the Spurs are "adamant no one will force a trade" on them for Kawhi Leonard, it appears San Antonio is ready to move on from the two-time All Star.

The Spurs are in trade talks with several teams about Leonard, including the Lakers and Celtics, ESPN reported Thursday, citing unidentified league sources.

The report adds, "Boston has long had the assets that the Spurs most covet in a potential Leonard trade." However, it's been widely speculated that Leonard would end up in Los Angeles. 

The New York Times also reported Thursday that the trade talks do not guarantee Leonard is going to the Lakers this week, adding, "League sources say of the Spurs: 'They're ready' to move on from Kawhi." 

According to a separate ESPN report, the Spurs have been in talks with the Cavaliers, 76ers and Clippers. ESPN notes: "The Lakers, the franchise Leonard wants to be traded to, did not have an encouraging initial conversation with the Spurs." The same report indicated that the Lakers are upping their trade talks with Leonard as acquiring him would "likely clinch" signing LeBron James as a free agent.

While it's all speculation for now, James has until 11:59 p.m. ET Friday to tell the Cavaliers whether he will opt into the final year of his contract or become an unrestricted free agent, which undoubtedly would shake up the market.