Paul George to the Lakers is not guaranteed.

Though George has expressed interest to play for his hometown Lakers on several occasions, The New York Times reports George would “strongly consider” a two-year deal with the Thunder that includes a player option after the first year.

“More than one rival team has suggested to me that they expect George to strongly consider a two-year deal with the Thunder at $30.3 million next season and $32.7 million in 2019-20 that includes a player option to return to free agency next summer,” Marc Stein of The Times said in his weekly newsletter.

On Thursday, OKC general manager Sam Presti said (via the front office is “looking forward to the opportunity to sit down and have a more specific conversation” with George about his potential future with the team.

“Paul and his representation, we built a relationship built on transparency, trust and collaboration,” Presti said after the NBA Draft. “I’m happy to say that that’s continued during the period of time that the season ended to now, which I think speaks a great deal about Paul George and just who he is as a guy. It’s just how he operates. Things don’t change.”

A deal with OKC would give George another season to see if playing with Russell Westbrook can lead to a championship, but the pile of long-term, guaranteed money Los Angeles can slide across the table to him may be too much to pass on.