Lakers fans have high hopes for this offseason, as the team and and co-owner Jeanie Buss have every expectation of adding to a talented young roster in Los Angeles.

"I have complete faith in our front office — no matter how they want to build the team, whether it's through trades or free agency, trades or through the draft — that they're going to build on the style of play that you saw throughout this year," Buss said Monday at the NBA Awards (via " I just want to see continued growth, and I'd really like to be in the playoffs next season. So that's what we're trying to do."

L.A. was among the most interested in a trade for Spurs star Kawhi Leonard in recent weeks, and its reported pitch to free agent Paul George was leaked Monday. Even still, the potential chase for LeBron James looms large for the team and team president Magic Johnson.

If anything, the Lakers have made it clear they want to remain a big player in all things NBA.

"All I asked when Magic came on board was that he defined who we were as a basketball team. And you don't really see that just from somebody saying this is what it's gonna be; you see it from the way the decisions are made and how they fit together,” Buss said. “You can now see a vision and how things fit together and how it complements our coach in terms of what he wants to play.

"So I have complete confidence in that they know what they're doing with building a roster."

Johnson, Buss and the rest of the Lakers front office will have their chance to prove themselves next week when the free agent market — which may or may not include LeBron James — becomes available.