Narantungalag “Tungaa” Jadambaa had not competed in the ONE Championship cage since November 2016, but he looked like he had never been away during a phenomenal defeat of Edward “The Ferocious” Kelly.

On Saturday, June 23, the former ONE Featherweight World Champion returned with a dominant second-round TKO victory at ONE: PINNACLE OF POWER in Macau’s Studio City Event Center.

A strong Filipino presence in the arena meant the majority of the support was on Kelly’s side, but the Mongolian was not affected by the partisan crowd.

Both competitors pride themselves on their powerful strikes, and they approached the contest in a way that was sure to excite fans as they stood toe-to-toe to start the contest.

It did not take long for the 42-year-old “Tungaa” to remind fans about his ability. True to his promise ahead of the match-up, he displayed new dimensions to his mixed martial arts game – shooting for takedowns and dealing damage with powerful ground and pound.

The 34-year-old Filipino managed to get back to his feet and mount some offence, but by the end of the first round, he was on his back and appeared to be saved by the bell as Jadambaa unloaded with his right hand.

The Team Lakay veteran adjusted in the second round by trying to create distance between him and his opponent, but the Mongolian was too strong and imposed his will.

“Tungaa” even appeared to lock in a deep north-south choke, but the Filipino miraculously escaped, only to be taken down again by the former champion.

In a display of courage and determination, “The Ferocious” continued to actively defend from his back, but Jadambaa would not let the chance to finish slip away again. He used his strength to overpower Kelly and establish mount.

When he gave up his back, “Tungaa” wasted no time in resuming his ground and pound attack, and the referee had no choice but to call a stop to the contest with two seconds remaining in the round.

Jadambaa’s triumphant return improves his record to 13-5, but more importantly, puts him right back in the hunt for a shot at Martin “The Situ-Asian” Nguyen’s World Title.