Marcus and Markieff Morris were acquitted Tuesday by a Phoenix jury in their aggravated assault trial stemming from a 2015 incident.

The twins have spent the last two weeks in court after Erik Hood accused the Morris brothers, then playing for the Suns, and three other men of beating him up outside a Phoenix gymnasium on Jan. 24, 2015.

"From the beginning we expected them to acquit, but just putting this time here," Marcus Morris said outside Maricopa County Superior Court, via The Associated Press.

Hood told police the five men chased him down outside the gym and the Morris twins kicked and stomped him while the others held him down. The 36-year-old sued them and alleged accomplices Julius Kane, Christopher Melendez and Gerald Bowman for conspiracy, assault and battery. Hood had been seeking compensation for pain and suffering in addition to punitive damages.

The Morris brothers were charged with felony aggravated assault in April 2015 and pleaded not guilty.

The Suns traded both Morrises — Marcus to the Pistons in July 2015 and Markieff to the Wizards in February 2016. Marcus was then dealt to the Celtics this summer. Both have missed the start of the NBA preseason because of the trial.