The field of 68 for the NCAA Tournament is set and while it shouldn't come as a surprise for a majority of teams who made the cut, there were a few seedings that resulted in snubs.

While it's an exciting time for those who landed on the inside of the bubble  — like Arizona State, Texas and Syracuse  — it's rather painful for those teams that fell just outside and didn't make the tournament. And for many of those schools, it's not the first time they've found themselves in that spot.

Here's a look at six of the biggest snubs from Selection Sunday:

Southern California (23-11, 12-6 in Pac 12)

One of the biggest surprises was USC. They reached the Pac-12 Tournament final, before falling to Arizona. The Trojans had a 34 RPI and UCLA (who USC beat twice) managed to make it in. USC finished second in its conference, only behind Arizona, and was dominant in the conference tournament in Vegas. It lends the question to how much the committee pays attention to conference standings as they were 12-6 in conference play.

St. Mary’s (28-5, 16-2 in WCC)

The Gaels are no strangers to getting snubbed by the selection committee, and this year was no different as they are out of the tournament. A combination of a soft conference schedule and soft non-conference schedule (which ranks in the 160s) didn't help their case. St. Mary's had a strong win over Gonzaga on the road but it's not enough to make up for their schedule. If they were able to pull off a win against Washington State, there chances could have been better.

Notre Dame (20-14, 8-10 in ACC)

For the first time in four years, Notre Dame will miss the NCAA Tournament. Falling out of the tournament would come as a big surprise at the beginning of the season as they were ranked in the top five of the AP Poll in late November. However, their season went crashing down when the Irish lost their top two scorers. Senior forward Bonzie Colson and senior guard Matt Farrell missed a big portion of the season resulting in 8-10 conference play.

Baylor (18-14, 8-10 in Big 12)

Despite strong wins over Creighton, Kansas and Texas Tech throughout the season, there's no getting around the fact that Baylor had 14 losses. The Big 12 is a quality conference with tough competition from top to bottom, but that factor alone isn't enough to secure a spot for them in the tournament.

Oklahoma State (19-14, 8-10 in Big 12)

Despite finishing strong, Oklahoma State struggled in their conference with a 8-10 record and finished the season with 14 losses. The fact they couldn't have a winning record or at least finish stronger in their conference could be reason they are kept out of the tournament. The team didn't necessarily have a "bad" loss all year, but they finished with 91 as its RPI.

Louisville (20-13, 9-9 in ACC)

The Cardinals put up an interesting case as they didn't lose to single team outside of the RPI top 100, which is a big tool the committee uses to make selections. At the same time, though, Louisville didn't have any wins over a top-50 RPI team. A buzzer-beating loss to Virginia on March 1 could have also hurt their chances. They did pull off a win against Florida State in the ACC tournament, but there aren't enough other notable wins to justify making it in.