J.T. Brown became the first NHL player to raise his fist during the national anthem, which caused an outcry over social media.

However, the motion led to the Lightning right winger devoting a day with Tampa Bay police on Friday to spend time training with police.

Brown, 27, took to Twitter Wednesday to discuss how raising his fist opened a dialogue between him, police and the community and explain why he won't be raising his fist during the national anthem anymore.

"I am incredibly thankful for my team's support ... Immediately after the game last Saturday they asked me how they can help me accomplish what I want to be done," Brown wrote. "I have already spoken with the Tampa Police Department. I am going to continue this relationship, even participating in ride alongs."

Brown went on to say how he will volunteer with various charities, including the Boys and Girls Club, Bigs in Blue and the RICH House, to bring members of police and the community together to bridge any gaps and instill feelings of trust between police and community members.

"I understand that this issue cannot be resolved overnight, nor can I do it alone. I am done raising my fist during the national anthem," Brown wrote. "I am now using this support, opportunity and platform to call out everyone who agreed or disagreed with me to help by sharing suggestions, continuing respectful conversations and looking for ways they too can help make a difference in their community."

Brown raised his fist before the Lightning's game against the Panthers on Oct. 7, and did it again the week before.

However, during his ride-along with Tampa Bay police, where he took part of a simulated shooting during a traffic stop, Brown said his eyes were opened to the perils police officers face.

"You see what they go through. I have a better understanding, I can guarantee you that," Brown told the Tampa Bay Times Sunday.