With the Cleveland Cavaliers facing an NBA Finals sweep, LeBron James said his team are lacking "playmakers" as he lamented the loss of veteran Dwyane Wade.

The Cavaliers trail reigning champions the Golden State Warriors 3-0 following Wednesday's 110-102 game-three loss in Cleveland.

James – who recorded his 10th Finals triple-double midweek – has carried the Cavs throughout the playoffs, averaging 37.7 points, 10.7 assists and nine rebounds.

The three-time NBA champions and 33-year-old is usually quick to defend his team-mates, but he made no secret of Cleveland's shortcomings on Thursday.

"We haven't had many playmakers through the course of the season," James said, per CBSsports.com.

James then spoke about the complete roster overhaul at the trade deadline and said he wishes he still had Wade in Cleveland.

At the deadline, the Cavs traded away Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat), Channing Frye (Los Angeles Lakers), Isaiah Thomas (Los Angeles Lakers), Jae Crowder (Utah Jazz), Iman Shumpert (Sacramento Kings) and Derrick Rose (Utah Jazz) in return for George Hill, Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr. and Rodney Hood. 

"He's [Wade] kind of built for the postseason at this point of his career ... You definitely think about that. It seems like so long ago that he was a part of this ballclub," James said.

Game four of the Finals is scheduled for Friday in Cleveland.