Hardly an ungrateful fool, LaVar Ball has millions of reasons to thank President Donald Trump for his Twitter barbs.

In fact, the family business — Big Baller Brand — has gained international visibility, maybe as far as China, because of the U.S. president's tweets aimed at Ball.

“This back and forth with Donald Trump has extended the brand awareness outside of just sports,” Apex Marketing Group president Eric Smallwood tells Yahoo Sports.

Apex, a Michigan-based company that estimates the value of sponsorships, says that between last Friday and this Wednesday, the Big Baller Brand received more than $13 million in free brand-awareness marketing for its $500 shoes and $50 hats, all based on tweets by Trump, whose @realDonaldTrump account has 43.2 million followers, and standard advertising rates.

Maybe that's why Ball closed his CNN interview earlier this week with these words: "Tell Donald Trump to have a great Thanksgiving because Big Baller is."