P.K. Subban is about to play in his first Stanley Cup Final with the Predators after being traded from the Canadiens last summer. He's a popular player in hockey because of his charisma, but that popularity can also make him polarizing.

This is why ESPN felt Subban would be a perfect player to profile for its "E:60" show, which takes a deep dive into what makes him unique. The episode aired Sunday morning, and retired hockey player John Scott was interviewed and made a controversial statement.

“I don’t like him. I think on the ice, he’s a piece of garbage. Perceived as like a hot shot, this guy thinks he’s better than everybody," Scott said on the show.

Fans have pointed out how hypocritical of a comment this is given Scott's career in the NHL. The journeyman player was suspended multiple times while in the league for his dirty play.

Although Subban is mostly a fan favorite, there are others who agree with Scott and don't like Subban's perceived antics. But the Predators player isn't worried about all of that. While he didn't respond to Scott directly, he responded to people with his mindset.

"Can I not enjoy playing in the NHL? Can I not enjoy scoring a goal? I mean, I really don't care if you like it or not, and it's not that it's disrespectful to the game, but I'm sorry, when I score a goal in the NHL against the best players in the word and I want to show my emotions, I will," Subban said on "E:60."

Scott and Subban were teammates at the 2015 NHL All-Star Game and even shared an embrace afterward.