Moses Malone Jr., son of the Basketball Hall of Famer and ex-Rockets star, filed suit Monday in Texas against the Rockets' James Harden, accusing him of orchestrating an assault at a Houston strip club last summer, Fox 26 in Houston reported.

According to the suit (via KPRC), Malone was met by the men when he arrived at the now-closed club near The Galleria, led by an employee of the club, Darian Blount. The men were "armed with a variety of handguns and assault weapons, punched and kicked Moses in the face several times. Some of Blount's men used their weapons to strike Moses on the head knocking him to the ground."

The lawsuit also says "Blount's men ripped Moses' diamond earrings off his ears and stole several pieces of Moses' jewelry."

Perhaps the most shocking claim from Malone's attorneys, according to KPRC: "It has come to light that James Harden paid Blount approximately $20,000 to put a hit on Moses."

The alleged attack was purportedly in retaliation for a social media post by Malone in which he criticized Harden for charging children for his basketball camp, Fox 26 reported.

In a statement sent to Fox 26, Harden's attorney, Rusty Hardin, wrote in part: “I have previously discussed Moses' allegations with James and others, and I am totally comfortable that the allegations are untrue. Unfortunately, I am afraid this is just another example of people shopping for a deep pocket when they find that the people actually responsible have no money."