James Harden should be the NBA's MVP "hands down" because of the way he inspired the Houston Rockets in 2017-18, according to Metta World Peace.

The Rockets ended the regular season with the best record in the NBA, finishing seven games clear of eventual champions the Golden State Warriors, who defeated Houston in the Western Conference finals.

Harden was the team's key man and, up against Anthony Davis and LeBron James in Monday's league award, he represents the outstanding candidate in the eyes of World Peace.

"I think James Harden deserves MVP, because nobody saw this [coming]," World Peace told Omnisport when promoting his new book.

"We can make an argument that if the Warriors were healthy, they would've finished number one and then maybe beaten the Rockets two or three times and the Rockets have two or three losses on their record. That could be an argument.

"But the fact is James Harden got better, he made his team better. His team is not the greatest team. Now they are, but he made them the greatest team.

Harden missed out on the prize to Russell Westbrook last season, but averaged the most points (30.4) and fourth most assists (8.8) in the regular season.

"James Harden is a great individual player, a better defender and he's a little bit better moving his body. [He is] MVP hands down and he's proven it time in, time out," World Peace added.

"Can't nobody guard him - with the exception of an old 2004 Metta World Peace, but I was suspended so I wouldn't be able to play against him anyway."

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