Gordon Hayward suffered a gruesome injury in the Celtics' season opener against the Cavaliers Tuesday in Cleveland, the team announced. 

After the game coach Brad Stevens gave a little bit more information on Hayward's injury.

"From what I was told it was a dislocated ankle and a fracture, what is it a tibia down there? Whatever the bone is in the leg," he told reporters after the game. "So the doctors here have looked at it, our doctors have looked at it, and we'll know a lot more (when) he goes straight to the hospital when he gets home."

Hayward jumped in an effort to catch a pass but came down badly. Medical officials rushed to the floor and put his leg in an air cast and he was taken off the court on a stretcher. He left Quicken Loans Arena in an ambulance on the way to the airport to fly back to Boston. 

Hayward was picked up in free agency this offseason by the Celtics. He signed a four-year, $127 million contract. Hayward had two points and a rebound at the time of his injury.

The Celtics have not announced how long they expect the 27-year-old to be out.