The headline says plenty — "University of Louisville spends more on AD Tom Jurich than 4 academic departments" — but the delicious details of perks and compensation pieced together by the Louisville Courier-Journal are enough to make a CEO blush. 

From a broad perspective, Jurich, in the process of being ousted along with longtime basketball coach Rick Pitino for Louisville's involvement in a recent federal complaint involving bribery and fraud, was very well-compensated. 

"Over the past seven years, through a byzantine array of longevity and performance bonuses, base pay raises and tax subsidies, Jurich collected total compensation of $19,279,710, an average of $2.76 million per year.

"Last year, his taxable income — enriched by the vesting of a $1.8 million annuity plus $1.6 million from the university to pay his taxes on it — totaled $5.3 million."

The university budgeted less for its Biology ($3.3 million), English ($4 million), History ($2.4 million) and Mathematics ($3.5 million) departments, the Courier-Journal's research showed, and his listed income was more than double that of the next-highest-paid AD, Ohio State's Gene Smith ($1.98 million).

The defense: Jurich turned Louisville athletics into a national player and over two decades, athletic department spokesman Kenny Klein said, he “transformed our campus and the city.”

But, oh, the details of Jurich's perks and benefits. These are just a few, per the report:

— Some of his compensation was "grossed up," essentially paying the taxes for him on his income, a $1.6 million benefit in 2016 alone.

— The university paid 160 percent (you read that right) of the cost of his life insurance policy, allowing him to keep the 60 percent extra.

— He received up to $30,000 per year for financial advisers to help him manage his money and $12,000 per year to cover the cost of two vehicles (most coaches and ADs get annual allowances to cover one car, but not two).

— Speaking of two-fers, his memberships at two "high-end private golf clubs" (membership fees: $28,000 and $25,000) were paid for.

— So, too, were premium seats for the Kentucky Derby and eight Louisville football and basketball season tickets "for life" — and not just his life, the Courier-Journal noted: "The seats, valued at about $11,500 per year, are property of the Jurich family for the lifetimes of his wife and children, as well."