The Alliance of Campus Esports (ACE), an initiative under regional esports channel eGG Network catering to university students, has created a job portal for esports and tech enthuasists.

Launched in partnership with the Malaysian Youth Community (MYC), the ACE Job Portal allows industry players to share job and internship opportunities with those interested to start and further their careers in the booming esports industry.

The job fields available include, but not limited to, game development, event management, marketing, communication, media production, and information technology.

eGG Network's Yubin Ng said: "Students make up a vast majority of esports enthusiasts in Malaysia and they are the future of the industry.

"We aim to nurture the students' growing passion where they get exposed to every aspect of this industry towards a realising a sustainable and fulfilling career for themselves."

At the same time, the ACE has unrolled an online and free e-curriculum programme, which allows anyone to learn about various aspects of esports and improve their knowledge.

Upon the completion of the five-level programme, each student will receive an e-certificate.

For more info about the job portal and the e-curriculum programme, visit the ACE's official website.