Derrick Rose is doubtful for the Cavaliers' matchup with the Magic on Saturday after a hard foul from Bucks center Greg Monroe in the fourth quarter of Cleveland's 116-97 win Friday.

On the play in question, Rose drove to the basket and went for a layup while Monroe swatted at the ball and hit Rose in the face on the follow-through. Rose wanted a flagrant called on the play, but after review the call remained a common foul.

"I think I'm the only person in the league that's not getting a flagrant for that call," Rose told reporters after the game. "Come on, man. Like, for sure I'm the only player, but it is what it is."

His new Cavaliers teammates backed their point guard and understood his pain at the same time.

"I ain't got calls in the last seven years, so I definitely understand what he's talking about," Dwyane Wade said. "It's unfortunate, a guy goes down and he can't protect himself. From what we're told, as players, if they go around the neck it's automatic, and, Derrick said it when he got here. He said 'listen y'all, I ain't gonna get calls.' And it continues to happen to him."

Rose sprained his ankle on the play and has been ruled doubtful by coach Tyronn Lue for the Cavaliers' matchup with the Magic Saturday.

The 29-year-old finished with 12 points, two rebounds and one assist before exiting the game in the fourth quarter.