Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida is but one of the many talented fighters ONE Championship added to its bolstered heavyweight roster in 2020. Though Buchecha has yet to make his ONE debut, many fans are already anticipating his 

One man eagerly awaiting Buchecha’s first appearance in the ONE Circle is none other than former two-division UFC world champion Daniel “DC” Cormier. Buchecha and Cormier are very familiar with each other, with the former helping the latter with his jiu-jitsu for the UFC 252 fight against Stipe Miocic. The two are teammates at American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California.

Speaking to the South China Morning Post recently, Cormier had nothing but praise for the multiple-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion who made the decision to transition to mixed martial arts last year.

“Buchecha’s very talented, I think he’ll do fine. He’s one of the best grapplers I’ve ever felt in my life, and he’s so strong,” said Cormier.

“He’s so physically gifted, man, that if he’s able to transition or translate a little bit of that grappling knowledge into getting takedowns, getting these fights on the ground, extending and developing the stand-up, he’ll be good to go. He’s as talented as they come. He’s motivated, he’s driven, he wants to be very good at this.”

Buchecha is considered one of the greatest grapplers to ever step on the mat. He’s won various gold medals in the toughest tournaments and competitions across the globe. Now, the 30-year-old focuses his attention to the Circle, in hopes of carving out his place among mixed martial arts legends.

While an injury delayed his debut in 2020, Buchecha is motivated to make his first appearance in mixed martial arts action in 2021. Rumors of Buchecha’s first fight have started to make the rounds, so expect ONE Championship to announce something big soon.

For one, Buchecha is happy to have Cormier in his corner, helping him develop his skills in the cage.

“The opportunity to learn from one of the greatest heavyweights of all time is great for me,” Buchecha also told SCMP MMA in a previous interview, regarding his training with Cormier.

“It’s a good environment to be around – one of the greatest heavyweights of all time.”