Will NCAA athletes be allowed to transfer immediately after a head coaching change? That's what one proposal is suggesting, according to CBS Sports.

Originating from Baylor and Iowa State, the proposal states that athletes would be allowed to transfer without having to sit out for a season in programs where coaches have been fired or left their jobs to go to another school or in the event of an NCAA postseason ban.

"Basically, we're saying kids can go anywhere they want," Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard said. "For the first time ever in college athletics, the student-athlete is empowered."

Current NCAA rules state that an athlete who transfers has to have "a year in residence" at the new school before they are allowed to play.

Coaches have also been able to block where a student goes. Many times, coaches don't want transferring students to go to a school in the same conference and athletes have to get permission to be allowed to transfer out. However, with this proposal, student-athletes would not have to receive permission.

"I think it's a phenomenal idea," Pollard said. "There's holes in it. There will always be, but it's the best thing I've seen out there so far. It's a lot better than where we are heading."

It would also call for a blanket set of rules for transferring. At the moment, five sports require student-athletes to sit out a year: baseball, hockey, football and men's and women's basketball. With these new rules, all rules across NCAA sports would be the same.

"That's not why we're dealing with this issue," Pollard said. "We're dealing with it because of football and basketball. Can you name me one high-profile athlete that's been blocked in another sport? Now we're going to treat everybody equally. Empower the student-athlete but help them make a sound academic decision."