Tiger Woods revealed the "trash talk" has already started as he and Peyton Manning prepare to face Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in a televised charity golf match next month.

The superstar quartet will raise funds for COVID-19 relief when they do battle in May, with a date and venue yet to be confirmed.

Mickelson came out on top in a winner-takes-all $9million pay-per-view duel with Woods in November 2018.

Woods says there have already been some good-natured exchanges over their next contest, which should generate even more interest with NFL stars Brady and Manning set to tee off for a great cause.

The 15-time major champion told Golf Digest: "It's gonna be Peyton and I against Tom and Phil, and we're gonna have a great time doing it.

"All the money and proceeds are going to go to all the COVID relief efforts. We haven't decided exactly what charities we're going to be donating the money to, but we're gonna be divvying it out to a lot of different causes."

Woods added: "There has been a little bit of trash talk already, a little bit of banter back and forth.

"Whether it's 'I might need extra caddies to carry my Super Bowls,' because he [Brady] has more Super Bowls than my partner. Or, 'I've got more majors than Phil, so I'm gonna have to have a truck come up to the first tee and U-Haul it out'.

"We've had banter back and forth, and it's been fantastic. But it's typical us, it's what we do. We like to give out the needle, and to give out the needle you gotta be able to take it.

"It's been fun, and it'll be like that when we play, when we compete. There will be banter back and forth, but it won't be as rough as what we have in our text exchange."