LeBron James made his preseason debut in the Cavaliers' 108-94 loss to the Bulls on Tuesday after missing Cleveland's first two weeks of games. 

James sprained his ankle after steeping on rookie teammate Cedi Osman's foot at the beginning of training camp and missed the first three games of the preseason. 

After the game James told reporters, "Tonight I was off." James accounted for 17 points, made seven turnovers, and shot 8-for-13 from the field. However, Cavs coach Tyronn Lue didn't sound too concerned about his star player. 

"Of course his rhythm is going to be off. His passing, timing. That's just part of the game," Lue said, via ESPN.com. "But I'm not worried about Bron. He'll be OK. Tonight is his first night playing in a long time. He'll get his rhythm. I'm not too worried about that."

Not only did James have to find his rhythm after missing two weeks, he also had to get acclimated with several new teammates on the court. 

"I could feel it. It's just my first action since the Finals and my timing was a little off and turnovers I think just trickled down to everybody, so I made everyone's timing off," James said.

While James did spend time recovering, he made it clear that he's still not 100 percent with his injury. James tweaked his left ankle during the first quarter, but kept playing to test his limits.

"I'm pushing through it right now," James said. "I just wanted to try and test my foot, test my ankle to see how I would come out tonight. So, obviously tonight and tomorrow morning it's going to be a telltale sign of how I came out tonight. I'm still fresh from the game so it's OK now but you never know when you wake up the next morning how it can flare up or if it can stiffen on you. So, I'll know more about it tomorrow but I definitely wanted to test it tonight knowing that at least if I tested it tonight I have a week until the regular season started if I don't play in the game on Friday."

The Cavs will finish off the preseason Friday against Magic and then will begin their regular season at home against the Celtics on Oct. 17.