Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert only played during the first quarter of Wednesday night's preseason matchup against the Hawks after suffering an injury to his left foot. Shumpert will undergo medical imaging to see how serious the damage is on Thursday, reported. 

Cavs coach Tyronn Lue was optimistic about Shumpert's injury, which happened when he came down from a missed dunk attempt and landed awkwardly on his foot.

"We won't know until tomorrow morning, but I think he should be OK," Lue said after the game.

With Derrick Rose, J.R. Smith, Dwyane Wade, and Isaiah Thomas, the Cavaliers have a crowded backcourt and there have been questions as to what Shumpert's role with the team will be this season. 

Shumpert shared earlier this week that he met with Lue and had an "air-it-out meeting" to discuss his place on the roster after he was a part of trade talks over the summer. 

"It was just that time for me to have a, just a grown-up conversation with him and just let him know, 'Can we just sort of knock down the coach-player thing right now and can I just sort of talk to you personally about how I feel about how everything finished up last year?'" Shumpert said after practice Tuesday. "He gave me the chance to be honest and he let me know that if at any time during the year I just want to come in the office and sit down with him and kick everybody out, he said if I just want to yell and be crazy, I can do that, so that definitely made me feel a lot better."