Filipino boxer John Riel Casimero has blasted Cuban opponent Guillermo Rigondeaux for "always running" as he successfully defended his WBO bantamweight title by split decision on Saturday.

Former three-division champion Rigondeaux was looking to topple Casimero and frustrated the Filipino with his constant movement in Carson.

Casimero could only land 47 punches in an underwhelming fight but that was marginally enough to edge Rigondeaux on split decision, winning 115-113, 112-116, 117-111.

"My expectation is knockout. I wanted a knockout," Casimero said after the bout. "I tried to do my best to knock him out but Rigondeaux was always running and running.

"I’m focused on [the] knockout but Rigondeaux was always running and no fighting."

In the lead-up to the fight, the Filipino had spoken about knocking out the Cuban in three rounds.

Casimero was seen at times during the fight dropping his gloves out of frustration, demanding Rigondeaux engage.

Rigondeaux did connect on counter-punches as he attempted to tire Casimero who opted not to chase and was unable to unleash his power.

The uneventful bout led to boos from the Carson crowd, although the decision was tight and Rigondeaux defended his tactics.

"God gave me those skills, and that's how I display them," Rigondeaux said.