New Thunder forward Carmelo Anthony has been very forthcoming in saying he wanted out of the Knicks organization in recent years. Before facing his old team Thursday, Anthony sent out a cryptic tweet with poignant words from the rapper Pusha T. 

"You Watched Me Walk Through Hell, Now Watch me Walk Up Out of It," he wrote.

The 33-year-old has tweeted quotes in the past that have been perceived as having hidden significance. When former Knicks president Phil Jackson was calling out Anthony last season he tweeted out a quote from an unknown author.

"EGO is the only requirement destroy any relationship," he wrote. "So, be a BIGGER person, skip the "E" and let it 'GO.'"

He said the quote was just a quote and didn't bear any significance, and the tweet today may have the same explanation.

"I'm a big quote guy," he said last season via The New York Daily News . "So there's a million quotes on my phone and sometimes they just pop up at the right time."