Brian Bowen will take his chances in the upcoming NBA Draft if the NCAA deems him ineligible to play at South Carolina.

The former Louisville guard was granted permission to transfer after he was suspended when an FBI investigation uncovered his family's involvement in payments from the school.

Bowen is still waiting to be cleared to play for South Carolina next season, but said he will declare for the NBA Draft in case he's banned from NCAA play. To preserve his eligibility to play in the NCAA, Bowen will not sign with an agent.

"I just felt that it was the right decision," Bowen told ESPN. "My goal is still to play college basketball, but I felt as though it makes sense to cover my bases."

Bowen's reputation was tarnished once the FBI discovered that Louisville, Adidas and Bowen's father worked out a payment deal to get Bowen to play for the team. Once Bowen was granted permission to transfer, he selected South Carolina and arrived on campus in January.

South Carolina coach Frank Martin said the school is doing what it can to get Bowen's ban lifted.

"This is a mature move from Brian," Bowen's lawyer, Jason Setchen, said. "We're hopeful and have faith that the NCAA will make the right decision and allow Brian to play next season for South Carolina, but he'll also have the opportunity to be drafted if that doesn't happen."