Arizona coach Sean Miller was "devastated" to learn of allegations against former assistant coach Emanuel "Book" Richardson which came to light in federal complaints investigating the "criminal influence of money" on NCAA basketball athletes and coaches since 2015. 

In a statement released Tuesday, Miller said he will support the school in their internal investigation into the basketball program.

“I was devastated to learn last week of the allegations made against Emanuel Richardson. I have expressed to both Dr. Robbins and our Athletic Director Dave Heeke that I fully support the University’s efforts to fully investigate these allegations.

“As the head basketball coach at the University of Arizona, I recognize my responsibility to not only establish a culture of success on the basketball court and in the classroom, but as important, to promote and reinforce a culture of compliance. To the best of my ability, I have worked to demonstrate this over the past 8 years and will continue to do so as we move forward.”

According to the federal complaints, Richardson allegedly accepted $20,000 in bribes from financial adviser Munish Sood and former NBA agent Christian Dawkins as part of a large bribery scheme involving Adidas and other NCAA coaches, recruits and their families. 

Richardson was also charged with bribery conspiracy, solicitation of bribes, conspiracy to commit fraud and wire fraud. The government says that in addition to taking bribe money for himself, Richardson funneled cash to players or families of players as part of the scheme.

Arizona was one of four schools identified in the federal investigation into college basketball. Oklahoma State, Auburn and USC were identified as well. Louisville later found out they were under investigation and put both head coach Rick Pitino and athletics director Tom Jurich on administrative leave.

Miller was not implicated in the federal complaints but he could still be punished for Richardson’s illegal activity.