The COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered life in Singapore. Martial arts gyms, fitness centers, and most businesses have temporarily shut down.

As many people are in their homes to self-quarantine, athletes are finding creative ways to stay active and fit. 

Amir Khan is one of them.

Despite all the inconveniences, the ONE Championship mixed martial artist has yet to skip a beat with training.

The Singaporean athlete has improvised home workouts to stay in shape and keep himself active during this time.

Khan has documented various snippets of his exercise routine on Instagram.

While the Evolve representative does most of his heavy lifting at the gym, he shows that home workouts can also be highly effective in working up a sweat.

For added intensity, the 25-year-old alternates between regular, wide-grip, and triangle push-ups. They are great for working the pecs, triceps, and shoulders.

Khan does not neglect his lower body and supplements his workout with jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, and jump squats.

Just for laughs, the Singaporean Muay Thai Champion demonstrates his power by cracking open a coconut with his elbow.

Even without the comforts of a gym and equipment, Khan still fashions simple workouts using kettlebells and bodyweight exercises.

The common corridor outside his apartment provides ample space for him to shadow box and practice his slips and feints.

When he wants to ramp up the intensity, Khan heads to the multi-story carpark and puts his body to work with some heavy medicine ball slams – useful movements for training explosiveness.

To complete the workout, Khan tests his dexterity and awareness with rope ladder drills.

The young lion continues with a daily jog every night to build up cardiovascular endurance.

Besides staying active, the Singaporean has also realized another benefit of working out from home. He can spend more time with his wife and young son, Leonel, who turned one in March.

With so many exercises that one can perform in the comfort of their own home, Khan shows that there are also fun ways to keep fit during this time – even if it means staying away from the gym.

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