An exasperated Soong Joo Ven highlighted the harrowing situation he faced to get to the stadium for his match at the Syed Modi International, which the Malaysian described as dangerous and made him nauseous.

Soong crashed out of the Super 300 event in Lucknow, India after a straight game defeat to Frenchman Alex Lanier on Friday.

But according to the 28-year-old, he had risked his life to arrive at the BBD U.P. Badminton Academy without any time for warm-up.

“A 20 minute ride turned into being stuck in traffic for more than one hour because the official driver decided to take a different route.

“Another officer had to come get me out of traffic, and we had to run to another route by crossing big roads and jumping over highway dividers to get into another car.

“We then braved some dangerous driving because we had to rush. Ended up being extremely nauseous after that insane journey. I arrived 10 minutes before my match with no time for warm-up whatsoever.

“While I am thankful to reach the venue, I think it is absolutely irresponsible and dangerous for this to have happened. I shouldn’t have to risk my life to run across highways and open roads in an unfamiliar country just to save my career and risk my life,” he vented on his social media page.

In the end, the world number 74 ended up losing 16-21, 17-21 against an opponent he was expected to beat.

Two Malaysian pairs – Hoo Pang Ron-Cheng Su Yin and Choong Hon Jian-Haikal Nazri are left in the competition and will compete in the mixed and men’s doubles semi-finals on Saturday.