Lai Pei Jing has revealed her traumatic experience being scammed by a fraud group, having surrendered almost all her hard earned money and finally realizing her ‘investment’ was too good to be true.

The mixed doubles shuttler, who recently reached the Australian Open women’s doubles final, said she was introduced to a software called “DOBEVIL” and decided to try her luck after being frustrated with her career at that point.

“Unable to achieve the results that I wanted, which led to anxiety about my future after retirement. Under repeated recommendations of my friend, I took this wrong step,” she posted on her official social media page.

“Investing” in this software which she described as similar to a cross-border e-commerce platform, the Kuantan-born was led to believe the operations was legit, when in fact it was controlled internally by the scammers.

“If I didn’t take orders within the deadline, my account would be frozen, preventing me from withdrawing money until the orders were processed. Customer service and buyers would message me, affecting my state of mind and making me anxious and unsure.

“I did have doubts several times, but everytime I had doubts or questions, I foolishly asked that particular friend who introduced me to this software instead of my close friends and family.

“I realized I was being scammed because the order amount was too large to be matched by the merchant’s procurement. After hesitation, I finally decided to tell my family what I was facing,” she explained.

Lai went on to advise that everyone should be cautious when it comes to money.

The 31-year-old has nonetheless found some much needed joy and motivation on-court after reaching the Indonesia Open mixed doubles semi-finals with Tan Kian Meng, before securing the women’s doubles final in Sydney with Lim Chiew Sien.