British pop star Ed Sheeran did not just vow Malaysian fans in his concert at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil over the weekend, he also captured the national spirit by playing badminton with Chan Peng Soon.

Sheeran, sporting a jersey with the national flag, engaged in a three-against -one fun badminton session with Chan and two other local influencers.

Before the session, the 33-year-old declared “So badminton is huge in Malaysia” which explained his intent to try out one of the country’s most loved sport.

Sheeran and the two influencers faced Chan, who showed no mercy by sending a few overhead smashes to the trio who had no answer on the opposite side of the court.

“Fastest smash, 300km +,” Chan gleefully declared during the game.

But the mixed doubles shuttler later declared that Sheeran was a good badminton player, and the pair later exchanged jerseys, which revealed the pop star is a fan of English Championship club Ipswich Town.

Besides playing badminton, Sheeran also engaged in a batik painting session, got himself a shave at a local barber shop and participated in a ‘Yee Sang’ toss with his new friends.

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