Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has had his say on the prospect of Barcelona playing in the Premier League, insisting Scottish clubs would have to be invited first.

Amid political unrest in Catalonia surrounding a disputed referendum over secession from Spain, the region's sports minister Gerard Figueras suggested LaLiga clubs Barca, Espanyol and Girona could end up playing in a different country if independence is secured.

That prompted speculation linking Ernesto Valverde's men and the Premier League and Wenger joked such a development would make it even harder for Arsenal to win their first title since 2004.

Wenger does not think the prospect is a likely one, but believes England's top flight should welcome Scottish sides before any from outside of the United Kingdom, with Celtic and Rangers having previously been tipped to join the competition.

He told reporters: "If Barcelona want to join the Premier League, it makes it even more difficult to win the title! I will try to learn Catalan!

"But I don't think they are as far as that. It is an interesting situation because it is a development that will have an impact on the sporting side.

"Barcelona is a highly political club and it is interesting to see how they respond.

"But we have enough clubs here, 20, and they want to go up to 24.

"Before we have to welcome the Scottish clubs before we go to the Spanish ones."