It's official, folks... we're on the homeward stretch!

Monday marked the start of the final week of competition at Tokyo 2020 and the action was typically frantic.

Stats Perform's man on the ground, Peter Hanson, brings you some of the quirkier goings-on in the latest instalment of the Daily Diary.


By now, you'll all know that getting around Tokyo for the first 14 days is not easy due to the fact reporters have to adhere to their activity plans and not take public transport.

There is also a ban on visiting bars, restaurants and tourist hotspots, so the chance to look around Tokyo is problematic.

Which is why post offices stationed in the Olympics village and main press centre are proving so popular.

Items including postcards displaying Ukiyo-e art, and Olympic and Paralympic stamp books, are bringing plenty of interest for those looking to take home a memento of this trip.

It's nice to see people… delivering the goods.


After a busy day on Sunday, I allowed myself a bit of downtime to recuperate on Monday morning.

It proved a blessing in disguise as I was part of a press call with Team GB's gold-medal winning gymnast Max Whitlock a little before midday and could have the quiet of my hotel room rather than the hustle and bustle of the media centre.

Or at least I thought I did. About five minutes into the call came a knock at my door and a huge yell of "HOUSEKEEPING".

I should add at this point I am so grateful for the hotel staff for providing a well-kept base for much-needed recovery time during the grind of an Olympics. I am equally grateful for mute buttons.


I defy anyone to say they do not love Tom Daley. He is just such a lovely, lovely human being.

He's also a phenomenal competitor, one who finally earned Olympic gold with success in the men's 10m synchronised platform competition last week.

Daley has been making headlines for a different reason in the last couple of days after being spotted doing a bit of knitting watching the diving action take place.

He probably doesn't need to be knitting a jumper given how stiflingly warm it is in Tokyo right now... although some sort of raincoat would be an idea given the downpours there were today!


If you've followed this diary at all over the past couple of weeks, you'll know by now I'm a bit of a clutz. I'm also very fidgety.

That's why, walking toward the press centre today, I couldn't help but keep flipping my bottle of water and catching it.

Only, I dropped the damned thing lid-side up, it smashed open, and water leaked everywhere.

Needless to say, a few derisory looks (and a few laughs) came my way…