Serhiy Rebrov believes will nation is display "the spirit of Ukraine" in their Euro 2024 opener against Romania on Monday.

Ukraine qualified for the tournament in Germany despite being invaded by Russia, beating Iceland in a play-off to secure their spot in Germany.

Ukraine reached the quarter finals of Euro 2024 and are looking to do better this some around.

Rebrov believes his time will take spirit into the competition, telling reporters: ""All the players, me personally, are getting lots of messages from our fighters, from our soldiers, from our friends who are now fighting for the freedom of Ukraine.

"I am sure they are very proud of us, we are very proud of them. They are telling [us], when you are here 'show the spirit of Ukraine. This tournament is really about the spirit of our country."

Ukraine have now qualified for four European Championships in a row, and Rebrov hold hopes his team can improve on their quarter-final exit at Euro 2020.

"It is very good and very important for Ukraine to be in this forum," Rebrov said.

"Because all Ukrainians want to be a European nation. Of course now in our country, football is not in first place. There are lots of people dead, lots of kids dead. Now is a very difficult time for Ukraine."

Defender Iliya Zabarni is proud to represent his nation on the international stage,

"For me it is a great honour to represent Ukraine," Zabarni said. "You know what times we are going through now. I feel incredible responsibility for my actions but I'm not worried about my game.

"We understand where we are and what we need to do. It is football and we need to play with a cold head."